Since launching Every Cloud Digital we have spent a huge amount of time discussing how best to properly manage our clients PPC budgets to ensure best results. As part of the process, we toyed with the idea of outsourcing to another company and had numerous conversations with some of the larger players in the market (we’re not going to mention names).

What we discovered during these conversations and after doing countless hours of research was pretty shocking. Each of the large PPC outsourcers claimed that they would take a one-off set-up fee and a monthly management fee, which is fine, we would do the same. What they declined to tell us was that these charges would be taken out of the client spend and would not be made transparent. So as an example;

Client Spend = £2000 per month

Set Up Fee = £200

Monthly Management Fee = £400

Actual Client Spend = £1400 per month

Now, we all know that management fees and set up fees are part and parcel of running a PPC campaign for a client. What did not sit at all well with us was that, although the client was only spending £1400 per month, the report would state that they were, in fact, spending £2000 per month, their original budget! There are thousands of advertisers out there who have no idea that this is happening and Google have recently changed their policy in an attempt to clean this sort of behaviour up. Our opinion is that this shouldn’t even be happening in the first place.

So, with this in mind, we have decided that the best way forward is to manage Adwords ourselves and ensure that the client spends their budget on Google and not on hidden costs. How are we going to do this?

The answer is simple. The Google Adwords account is yours. Whether it is an existing account or one set up for you by us. It’s yours. You pay the PPC budget to Google directly through your account using your credit or debit card details. We then charge a setup fee and monthly management fee to you directly. This keeps everything above board and totally transparent. We then manage your Adwords through your account and you have full access. We can also offer call tracking and call recording, exactly the same as the large providers, at no extra cost to you. This is the way it should be.

If you are currently using an agency to manage your Adwords we would strongly suggest that you speak with them about costs and hidden charges. It may initially be a difficult conversation to have but also should be one that gives you;

a) Peace of mind that your agency is spending your allocated monthly budget properly


b) A shock that your budget has been subject to hidden charges and you have lost out on valuable traffic and conversions for however long your current agency has been managing your Adwords account.

If you do not feel comfortable having this conversation, there is another way. We would be happy to carry out an Adwords audit for you. All we need is access to your account and we can report back to you with the good or bad news.

We would like to state that we are in no way trying to scare you with this information. Every Cloud has a silver lining so they say, so look on this as an opportunity to start getting the most out of your PPC campaigns. We have found a minimum of 10% savings that can be made on most Adwords accounts we have audited so far and in some cases, 60% increases in traffic and conversions can be achieved.

We hope you have found this information helpful and if you’d like to take advantage of our free Adwords audit, please do get in touch.