cloudThree Clicks To Oblivions

We think the above video is extremely interesting. Not because it contains Tom Cruise and NASA, but that it highlights a hugely important facet of websites the world over which is often overlooked…… User experience.

Now, what Tom was doing on the NASA website remains unclear, maybe he was researching for a forthcoming blockbuster movie. What is very pertinent though is the fact that he, a relatively standard user, identified a serious flaw in the way that the NASA website had been built and how the content flowed. He identified that within three clicks of the homepage, a user could find themselves at a place on the website where they didn’t want or need to be. This would, ultimately, result in a user abandoning the site and going elsewhere to find the information they were looking for.

This translates across any website and is something which Google is rolling out in updates to its algorithm. This will give websites which offer a better user experience preference to those which do not.

Responsive Design

This will also apply to websites which are not optimised for mobile and tablet devices. More and more searches take place on a mobile device and there is nothing more infuriating than landing on a page where you have to pinch and stretch the screen in order to find what you’re looking for.

If you are paying for advertising to drive traffic to your website, be that through Google Adwords, Programmatic Display or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is even more important that your website is set up to ensure a positive user experience. Paying for traffic to land on a website which then takes users on a journey they did not expect will only lead to wasted budget and frustration due to lack of conversions or sales.

Lead Generation Tool

This all may seem self-explanatory and basic, but it is absolutely fundamental. Your website is your sales function and lead generation tool. Potential customers have come to your site for a reason. If the product or service they are searching for is not there, or they have to search further to find it, they will abandon and go elsewhere, probably to one of your competitors.

Objectivity is key. Look at your website from a user perspective. If the journey your site takes you on leads to “oblivion” then you must address this. Any Digital Marketing Agency worth their salt will look at a website first before driving traffic to it. If the site is not up to scratch in terms of conversion points and how the customer journey develops, they should not be advising advertising at that stage.

If you feel that your site is losing customers rather than generating revenue, please feel free to contact us on 07843 343883 and we would be happy to carry out a site audit for you.